About the brand

The coconut. Is it a fruit? Is it a nut? Is it a seed?

It’s an extraordinary feat of nature is what it is - one of those addictive foods we just can’t get enough of. 


And here at Branded Coconuts we just knew that our clients would love these fun, versatile designs as much as we did. Because we’ve taken the humble coconut, in all its life-affirming glory, and turned it into a blank canvas, ready for your logo. 


Your guests will literally gorge on your brand. 

Branded Coconuts is the brainchild of the team behind Meredith Collective - the award-winning creative campaign specialists, and Ohlala - the world’s coolest macaron company. What Meredith and her team of creative wizards don’t know about designing an event to remember, just isn’t worth knowing

Why Branded Coconuts?

If a truly unique event is what you’re after, then Branded Coconuts is for you. We are the only company in the UK offering this bespoke service.

Healthy Option


bespoke branding

Branded Coconuts are quirky and highly original, branded merchandise. Say ta-ta to an embossed pencil, or a dull printed tote, and hello to branded coconuts.


We sear the husks of sustainably sourced, fresh, young, white drinking coconuts with your logo.

eye catching

Make your next event memorable. Trade show, wedding, summer party, festival or corporate entertainment, make a statement with these eye-catching, fun centerpieces.

naturally sustainable

Use coconuts as your go-to sustainable promotional merchandise. Not only are they plastic-free, but this natural resource is a whole lot tastier than a tote bag. 



Get yourself noticed on instagram


Branded coconuts are fun, fresh, cute and addictively shareable. And adored by the Queen of Instagram herself, Ms Kylie Jenner (link to her Instagram page with branded coconuts).


Best of all, they’re unique to you.

healthy option

Young coconuts ie the ones we brand, are 94% water. Fun to look at and healthy to drink - each one contains electrolytes, dietary fibre, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 


Brand it, crack it, consume it.